Navigating Challenges, Uniting Worlds
Our company excels in providing comprehensive solutions, encompassing expert consulting, efficient outsourcing, and innovative project management for the global shipping industry.
Our services include expert consultation in maritime law, sales of ships and airjets, their registration, and related financial services.
We provide specialized outsourcing for maritime needs, ensuring cost-effective solutions and comprehensive support.
We offer technical management, automation, ship design, and ballast water treatment systems tailored to your needs.

About Asedo

Charting new horizons in maritime services, Asedo has been navigating industry challenges since 2010.
Asedo, a dynamic force in the maritime industry, began as a collaboration between private entities and has now flourished into a notable player with its headquarters in Dubai. Our journey is a testament to steady growth and consistent achievement, reflecting our adaptability and commitment to excellence. Currently, our team has more than 200 members, with plans to increase to 500, reflecting our dedication to enhancing our capabilities.

Our expertise lies in navigating the complexities of maritime law, ship transactions, and registration, ensuring smooth and effective operations for our clients. Having experience in servicing a formidable fleet of over 100 vessels, Asedo has become a pivotal entity in handling large-scale maritime operations. This demonstrates our capacity to manage significant challenges in the maritime sector and our dedication to delivering top-tier services.
We offer comprehensive and cost-effective outsourcing services, designed to meet a wide array of maritime needs. In project management, our focus is on creating tailor-made solutions, which include advanced ship design, technical management expertise, and the implementation of environmentally conscious practices, such as ballast water treatment systems.

Embracing our guiding principle, "Navigating Challenges, Uniting Worlds," Asedo strives to bridge global maritime operations, connecting different sectors and communities under a shared objective. Our work culture is anchored in mutual respect, collective innovation, and a deep passion for the maritime world. As we continue our voyage, we remain steadfast in our dedication to upholding the highest standards, evolving with the industry, and contributing to its collective growth and success.