Consulting Services

Maritime Advocacy & Contracting
Navigate legal seas with our comprehensive maritime law services, tackling disputes, negotiations, and strategic advisory for the nautical industry.
Vessel Transaction Brokerage
Your compass for buying and selling ships, offering detailed asset evaluations, market insights, and legal transaction support to steer you towards the best deal.
Seafaring Registration Solutions
Swift and efficient ship registration services ensuring legal compliance and economic value, from ownership certificates to comprehensive vessel histories.
Navigational Financial Consulting
Expert financial guidance in the maritime sector, with specialized services in client verification, transaction scrutiny, and risk management through market instruments.
Compliance & Regulatory Navigation
Tailored support to keep your maritime operations within legal harbors, ensuring adherence to regulations and providing solutions for bureaucratic challenges.
Brokerage Support & Passenger Transport Services (Airjet)
Specialized assistance in navigating the complexities of buying and selling airjets, combined with top-tier passenger transport solutions. Our approach ensures smooth transactions, compliance with aviation regulations, and seamless travel experiences in airjet passenger transport.